Let's Talk About Expectations

The Happy Servant values honesty, trust, consistency, and strong connections with the people we serve. That is why we are committed to making every home healthier and happier after each visit. 

Free Home Evaluation

Each of our services begin with a free home evaluation. Whether virutally or in person, together we will walk through your home and create a list of tasks that are specific to your home's needs

Tailored Task List

Following the home evaluation, we will send you a tailored task list of recommended services to make your home happier and healthier. After prioritizing your list, we can schedule a service that best fits your specific needs and budget

Ongoing Care and Communication

One of The Happy Servant maintenance technicians will service your home monthly, quarterly, or annually based on your customized home maintenance plan

How do you decide who to invite into your home?

Your home is one of the largest investments you’ve made in your life. Your home is what protects you and your family – it is a place of safety and comfort. As the saying goes, there is no place like home. We believe that who you invite into your home should be an educated choice, which is why The Happy Servant puts trust, honesty, consistency, and loyalty at the top of our priority list. 

Home Repair
Home Maintenance
Aging in Place

Issues in the Industry

We asked homeowners “How would you describe your experience finding people to work in your home?” Some of the responses we heard were: 

- Frustrating
- Time consuming
- No response
- Rescheduled
- Confusing
- Disappointing
- Unprofessional 

Understanding Why

We heard these frustrations and asked ourselves "why?" This is when we realized that there is rarely a relationship between the homeowners and workers. A typical handyman often sees you as just another job and neglects to establish a relationship with you and your home. We also found that most homeowners are spending too much valuable time calling dozens of separate services for specific needs. Because of the shrinking pool of available help and lack of proper licensing, it has become nearly impossible to find a capable maintenance technician to service your home. By the time you find a handyman, you may run into the issue of them not having availability for months out or your specific needs being too small to make your home worth servicing

Home Repair
Home Maintenance
Aging in Place

The Solution

And so The Happy Servant program was created.

A new way of maintaining your home

We are an ongoing home maintenance service that provides long-term solutions with no long-term contracts. 

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