The Happy Servant Services

The Happy Servant program is a complete home maintenance service where we provide fully-insured, certified, licensed, professional, and experienced maintenance technicians to care for a client’s home on an ongoing basis.

Safety & Efficiency

The Happy Servant’s

Safety & Efficiency service is the backbone of The Happy Servant program. This service is perfect for busy families and professionals who value their time and would rather be out on the golf course or enjoying a glass of wine with friends instead of worrying about their smoke detector going off at 3:00am because their batteries need changing.

Helping Hand

The Happy Servant’s

Helping Hand service will send you that extra set of hands needed to get all your unfinished house projects checked off your honey-do list.

Align & Shine

The Happy Servant’s

Align & Shine service was created for all those last minute things that need to get done before the guests arrive! We will send you both a professional maintenance technician AND a cleaning maid to ensure your house is spick-and-span.  You’ll have your in-laws saying “how do you find the time to do it all?” Don’t worry, we’re good at keeping secrets!


The Happy Servant’s Concierge service is our all-inclusive home maintenance service. Treat your home to a little TLC and let our most experienced maintenance technician take care of anything from gutter cleaning and window washing to trimming shrubs, installing shelves, changing your furnace filters, and replacing your outdated light fixtures. Heck, we’d even walk your dog!

Specialty Bid

Some services need more than just a handy person. We’ve got you covered under The Happy Servant’s Specialty Bid service! As a licensed general contractor we can take care of all your home’s needs such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, installations, tile work, and many other special trades. We are truly your ONE call for all home projects - big or small!


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